(CV – Statement)
Hanksy Video

Aerosol, Mixed Media on Panel, Canvas and other Objects

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New York City based artist HANKSY uses the streets as his canvas, employing clever puns and turns of phrases to delight fans and observant passersby.

Shortly after moving to New York in 2010, HANKSY began noticing the city’s vibrant street art scene, in which hand painted works of art, elaborate stencils, and detailed screen prints enrich blighted spots and capture the attention of urban dwellers. Wanting to contribute to the ever-growing movement, but determined to maintain a light-hearted approach, HANKSY began satirizing British street art legend Banksy by mashing up his most famous works with references from Tom Hanks films. His clever remixes delighted New Yorkers, turning HANKSY into a social media phenomenon and quickly earning him a place in the competitive New York street art world.

HANKSY’s new work broadens his satirical scope, lampooning pop culture icons like Bruce Willis and Ryan Gosling, while staying true to his punny origins. With HANKSY on the streets, no celebrity is safe.