Jordan Eagles CV

Blood preserved on plexiglas, UV resin

Jordan Eagles – Video

New York City artist, Jordan Eagles, is sometimes referred to as the “Blood Artist,” but this oversimplifies the intricate and significant nature of his experimental works and self-invented process, spanning over twelve years. Jordan Eagles’ unique pieces in bovine blood and acrylic resin produces a visceral impact that has been described as “immediate and unshakable,” and “mysteriously beautiful,” by the New York Times. His unique, multidimensional works explore themes of rebirth and the intangible connections between body, spirit and nature. The allegorical potential of his raw and precious materials form a compelling multi-sensory experience— providing a novel tale of life and death. Some pieces evoke stark minimalism while others a centrally explosive movement—all reminiscent of viewing otherworldly details from under the slide of a microscope. Jordan Eagles received a B.A. in Fine Arts and Media Studies from Gallatin School for individualized Studies at New York University.

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