Andre Veloux

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"EC - Untitled 20"

"EC - Untitled 20"

Lego on panel 16" x 20 inches - Ed. of 3 (1 left)

"EC  20" detail

"EC 20" detail

"EC - Untitled 18"

"EC - Untitled 18"

Lego on panel 16"x20 inches - Ed. of 3 $800 - (1 Left)

"Dress Code"

"Dress Code"

30"x24" Lego brick, tile, plate and slope $old

"Untitled (#15)"

"Untitled (#15)"

Lego 24"x48" 2019 $old

"EC - Untitled 16"

"EC - Untitled 16"

Lego 16"x16" 2019 Ed 3 - 2 AP 1 A/P left

"EC - Untitled 16" - detail

"EC - Untitled 16" - detail

"EC Untitled 17"

"EC Untitled 17"

Lego 16"x16" 2019 ED 3 - 2 AP

"The Red and the Black"

"The Red and the Black"

20"x20" Lego brick, tile and plate $old

"Lets Do This"

"Lets Do This"

30"x24" Lego brick, tile, plate and slope $old

"Material Girl"

"Material Girl"

30"x30" Lego brick, tile plate and slope $old

Andre Veloux


Pop artist Andre Veloux's unique and captivating work is inspired by social change. His vibrant art combines two and three-dimensional elements that capture the imagination. Driven by social significance, much of his work is part of his multi-faceted gender equality project, Building Blocks of Change. His Appearance works, depicting aspects of mostly women's styles of dress and appearance, they defend the right to present one's self freely. These works appeal to men and women equally, but often for different reasons. The thoughts and feelings that are raised by the works when they are seen or touched is undoubtedly revealing of the way modern women are treated for what they choose to wear.

His portrait works are striking, particularly those of female icons. Ranging from his own teenage daughter to Jane Fonda and Lady Gaga, the subjects are strong, self-motivated women. While some of these women have reached iconic status for their work and influence, all are agents of change in society. Alongside this are his composite portrait images, mixing up hair, eyes and eyebrows, lips and face shape into one image, which pass comment on the constant demands on women to continually rebuild and renew how they present themselves.

All of Veloux's works are made from Lego bricks. With a background in maths, computing and web design, Veloux decided to search for a medium that would best make use of his digital skills, and enable him to produce a physical, tactile artwork with a message. A native of Great Britain, he currently resides in Princeton, NJ with his wife and daughter.

Andre Veloux, a British, feminist artist expressing social commentary on gender, gender equality, women's rights, and women's empowerment through Lego bricks, creates captivating two and three-dimensional wall hanging artworks, as well as performance and video work.


He has shown at galleries across the country including Scope Art Miami, and is represented by the Krause Gallery, New York City since 2016. He also produces live art events involving the public, most recently a collaboration with Princeton University. His feminist work is defined artistically within the parameters of modern feminism. Which is standing up for women and their rights. Standing against the patriarchal society and its male entitlement which cause discrimination, oppression and violence against women. His work which is created entirely from Lego is in private collections worldwide and has been installed in public spaces as well as many group shows.














Selected Exhibitions:

"Deluxe"- Two Person show with Bri Cirel - October
Untitled (from live event) on show at Princeton University, Location TBA, February - May 

Enthusiastic Consent Live / Performance, Frist Campus Center Princeton University, February 13.
10 Year Celebration Group Show, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, February 9 - March 12



Residency, Johnson Park School, Princeton, October 2018 - February 2019

Tastemakers and Rule Breakers, Red Bank Design Center curated by Parlor Gallery, Oct 11 - Nov 25
Dining by Design, Guest Artist Speaker, Arts Council of Princeton, November 10, 
Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, June 16 - August 6
Veloux // Combe two artist solo show, Krause Gallery, June 16 - July 17
Vinyl and Velvet, Arts Council of Princeton, May 7 - 18
Affordable Art Fair, New York City, Krause Gallery Booth, March 21-25
Emerging to Established, Krause Gallery, New York City, Jan 6 - February 10
Strawberries Installation, Princeton Public Library January - February
Cows in our Town, Public Art Project in conjunction with Arts Council of Princeton , Princeton, Dec 20
2017 - Mar 3 2018



Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park,  Holiday Show, Dec 16 - Jan 6

SCOPE Miami (Fort Works Art), December 5-10

Jersey Arts, Artist of Month (online), December

New Pop Group Show,  Fort Works Art, Fort Works, TX, November 3 - December 31 

The Mask of Femininity: Feminist Portraits installation, Princeton Public Library September - January 2018

Parlor Gallery Asbury Park Boardwalk Pop Up, August-September,

Art of Engagement Group Show, Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC, Aug 4 - 25

Emerging to Established Summer Group Show, Krause Gallery, NYC, July 15 - Sep  

The Contemporaries Group Show, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ, May 13 - June 19 

Affordable Art Fair (Krause Gallery), Metropolitan Pavillion, 125 West 18th St. New York, March 29 – April 2, 2017

#28 Grams Group Show, Fort Works Art, Fort Works, TX, March 23 - May 20 2017

Emerging to Established, Group Show,  Krause Gallery, New York City, Jan 5 - Feb 7



Art Advocacy Speaks Group Show, The Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, Sep 8-25

Art as Politics Group Show, Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC, Aug 5 - Aug 25

Emerging to Established, Group Show,  Krause Gallery, New York City, July 9 - Oct 3

Building Blocks of Change, Community Art Gallery, Lambertville, June 15 - July 15 

Blurring the Lines (with Matt Bilfield), Krause Gallery, New York City, Jun 4 - July 8

Pinot to Picasso 2016, Arts Council of Princeton, April 22 - 29

37th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Main Gallery, Monmouth Museum, January 16 – March 13

Emerging to Established, Group Show, Krause Gallery, New York City, Jan 30 - Mar 5



Portraits: A Juried Exhibition, Main Gallery, Monmouth Museum, September 18 – November 1

Annual Show,  Arts Council of Princeton, September 8-25 

Face It, The face in Contemporary Art, OnSite:Brooklyn, International Juried Show, Juror: Annette Shapiro-Rose, Managing Editor, ARTnews June 6 – July 11 

Innovation, Munich Re America Campus, Princeton, May 14 – July 11 

Art All Night Trenton, June 20-21 

Wide Open 6, BWAC, Red Hook, Brooklyn, Juried Show, Juror: Rujeko Hockley of Brooklyn Art Museum, May 9 - June 14 

Pinot to Picasso, Arts Council of Princeton, April 11 - 18

Solo show, Small World Coffee, Princeton, February 4 - March 3



Love Show, Small World Coffee, Princeton, February 3 - March 2

Juried, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, Juried Show, Juror: Jonathan Levine of Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC, November 23 -January 26



Put your Best Foot forward, Arts Council of Princeton, September 7 - October 3

Art All Night, Trenton, June 27-28

Celebration, RSI Bank, Rahway, June 2 - 29

Love Show, Small World Coffee, Princeton, February 6 - March 5 

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