Chris Dean

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Chris Dean - Biography 2016

Chris Dean is a Detroit based artist specializing in the medium of lenticular printmaking. Dean's brightly colored work uses lenticular's unique capacity for illusion to create interactive compositions of depth and motion. The visually dense work prioritizes direct experience and focuses on the intersection of the recognizable and the unfamiliar.


Dean began exploring lenticular and related processes as a student at San Jose State in the mid 90's during the rise in interest in virtual reality technologies. Working first with stereoscopic processes and later lenticular, Dean has spent the years exploring approaches to these interactive mediums. Dean has exhibited widely in the United States and beyond and is the owner of the lenticular production company Midwest Lenticular.





Krause Gallery - Custom Culture |New York, NY

Harold Golen Gallery | The Lenticular Show | Miami, Florida

Krause Gallery - Surface |New York, NY

Krause Gallery - Emerging to Established |New York, NY

Art Basel | Scope | Miami, Florida

ScopeNYC | New York, NY

LACMA | Stereoscopic and lenticulars

Krause Gallery | Speaking in Tongues |New York, NY

Krause Gallery | Emerging to Established |New York, NY
Art Basel | Scope | Miami, Florida


Doyle Auctions | New York, NY

Krause Gallery | Emerging to Established | New York, NY

Strychnin Gallery | Attention Earth | Berlin, Germany 

Strychnin Gallery | 10th Aniversary Show | Berlin, Germany

Harold Golen Gallery | Geode | Miami, Florida 


Ace Museum | All In For The 99% | Los Angeles, California

232 East | Lyric II | Royal Oak, Michigan


Linus Pauling Science Center, OSU | Gold Will Stay installation 

Harold Golen Gallery | Transylvania | Miami, Florida*

232 East | Lyric | Royal Oak, Michigan

The Scarab Club | Working Class Heros | Detroit, Michigan


Mauger Modern Art | Transylvania | London, England *

Bloom | Cologne, Germany

WWA Gallery | I Believe In Unicorns | Culver City

Barbara & Barbara | Robots Need Love Too | Chicago

Sarratt Gallery | Chris Dean Lenticular Prints | Nashville


Art Basel | Scope | Miami, Florida

Good Question Gallery | Science Shows You How | Pennsylvania 

Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit | D3D | Detroit

CPOP | It’s All About | Detroit, Michigan

Mauger Modern Art | Bath, England


Art Center South Florida | Kaiju Monster Invasion | Miami Beach

Harold Golen Gallery | Fine Art Tiki Show | Miami, Florida

L’Imagerie Gallery | Carnivora | North Hollywood

CPOP Gallery | Carnivora | Detroit


Harold Golen Gallery | Three Headed Monster | Miami Beach

Walsh Gallery | Eye Tricks | South Orange, New Jersey

Art Gallery of Windsor | 2007 Biennial | Windsor, Ontario

Sideshow | American Visionary Art Museum | Baltimore

Zeitgeist Gallery | Science Shows You How | Seattle

2006 +

CPOP Gallery | Saints Preserve Us | Detroit, Michigan

Tag Art Gallery | Nashville, Tennessee

Showroom NYC | Your Mamma | New York, New York

Limbo | How Low Can You Go | San Diego, California

OKOK Gallery | Seattle, Washington

CPOP Gallery | Science Shows You How | Detroit, Michigan *

CPOP Gallery | Static Cinema | Detroit, Michigan

Immedia 2002 | Ann Arbor, Michigan

Art-Tech Gallery | Moving Out | San Jose, California

Doane College | Creation | Lincoln, Nebraska

Opts Art Gallery | Iris Graphics Digital Art Exhibition | San Francisco, California


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