Marco Guglielmino

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Artist Statement:


Long fascinated by the interplay of light and color, Marco has found the perfect medium of expression in the creation of organic neon sculptures. These sculptures employ combinations of the four noble gasses mixed with mercury to give them even more nuance and depth of color while exploring shape, balance and proportion.

Employing a special neon that is sensitive to human energy, this pastel series glows and illuminates rather than shines. Marco pays homage to Nikola Tesla’s experiments with illuminating gasses by creating a series which interacts with the viewer’s electricity when touched. The viewer can make the piece brighten and dim, as well as cause the color to change at the point of contact from blue to pink and from violet to blue. The viewer can also direct the energy of the gas. Each piece has its own personality which shows through its glass and gas colors, thickness, movement, and particular illumination. Additionally, each piece responds differently to different touches; everyone experiences his own personal sculpture.

In another series, Marco introduces resin to add an additional dimension to his work. Each layer of resign is pigmented to create a foundation for the neon to lie in. In some sculptures the neon is completely engulfed in resin, others rest on a resin base, and on others the resin drips off to create organic patterns.

Marco’s work employs all available colors of gas and glass to celebrate illumination in a landscape of color.

All glass made is Murano Italy
All other components - electrodes & transformers are all American


TOP         Wed - Sun: 12 - 6pm

149 Orchard St South, NY, NY 10002