Yok x Sheryo

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Sheryo CV

Sheryo is a Brooklyn based artist from Singapore who paints imperfect gnarly characters that are calming to disoriented souls, and might cause skitter skatter explosions in the brain …

Working collaboratively with The Yok, they have exhibited and painted in various parts of the world – Mexico, NY, Atlanta, LA, Belgium, Seoul, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Cambodia.



  • Adidas Originals, MTV Asia, Intel, Converse, Nike, GAP, Tiger Beer




  • Krause Gallery , New York, “Yellow Fever” x Nasty Goreng

  • SCOPE Art Fair, New York, USA

  • STREET ART FESTIVAL Anonymous Festival, Sayulita, Mexico


  • MURAL TOUR Sheryo x The Yok, Enter the Prism, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Dubai, Mexico, USA

  • MURAL PAINTING Tiger Translate Party, Tiger Beer, Dubai

  • MURAL PAINTING & BRANDING Doors Restaurant & Bar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • GROUP SHOW Half Half, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

  • GROUP SHOW Corpse Corps Urban Legends, Signal Gallery, New York, USA

  • GROUP SHOW Kingbrown #8, Klughaus Gallery, New York, USA

  • GROUP SHOW The Devil made me do it, He made she made Gallery, Sydney, Australia

  • STREET ART FESTIVAL Wonderwalls, Wollongong, Australia

  • GROUP SHOW Half-Half, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

  • GROUP SHOW Lets Go Magic Weirdos!, Paper Mountain Gallery, Perth, Australia

  • GROUP SHOW This Art is so Street, Stupid Easy Gallery, Philadelphia

  • STREET ART CONFERENCE Living walls 2012, Atlanta

  • GROUP SHOW Kingbrown #8 Launch Exhibition, The Butcher Shop, Perth

  • GROUP SHOW Kingbrown #8 Launch Exhibition, Tate Gallery, Sydney

  • GROUP SHOW Kingbrown #8 Launch Exhibition, Klughaus Gallery, New York

  • GROUP SHOW Believe the Hype, Pandemic Gallery, New York

  • GROUP SHOW Reprint show, Hendershot Gallery, New York

  • GROUP SHOW Pangeaseed, the great west coast migration, LaBasse Projects, LA

  • GROUP SHOW Fang to Fur, Flabslab Gallery, Singapore

  • GROUP SHOW Wild at Heart – Keep Wildlife in the Wild, Thinkspace Gallery, LA

  • TRAVELLING GROUP SHOW G40 Weapons of Mass Change, VA/California/NY/Miami


  • SOLO SHOWCASE Apsara themed wall murals and art pieces painted specially for Lebiz Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • VOLUNTEER TRIP Little Lotus Project, Art Volunteer trip at the Thai/Burma border town teaching art to refugee burmese kids

  • GROUP SHOW Sweet Streets LA, 1980s American & Japanese Pop Cultures, WWA Gallery, Los Angeles

  • GROUP SHOW Crowded Teeth by Sweet Streets LA, Munky King, Los Angeles

  • LIVE PAINTING Tiger Translate Cambodia, NRG Warehouse, Phnom Penh

  • GROUP SHOW Nixon Art Mosh, Old School Mt. Sophia, Singapore

  • GROUP SHOW vue privee Moving Still, Singapore

  • MURAL PAINTING Face Off, Street Art Battle, Old School Mt. Sophia, Singapore

  • GROUP SHOW Fairitize My Art Group Show at The TCC Gallery, Singapore

  • GROUP SHOW SYNESTHESIA: drawing words, reading pictures, Group Show at The Substation, Singapore


  • GROUP SHOW Show Me the Love, National Drama Centre, Curated by Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore

  • GROUP SHOW Nixon Art Mosh, Old School Mt. Sophia, Singapore

  • SOLO SHOWCASE Carbonated Launch – Live Painting Showcase and Sculpture Installation, Orchard Central, Singapore

  • GROUP SHOW Redrum, A Group Show Inspired by the movie ‘The Shining’, Old School, Singapore

  • GROUP SHOW The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Group Show Inspired by the movie, Old School, Singapore


  • GROUP SHOW Crossville Pop-Up Exhibition, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

  • LIVE PAINTING Adidas Originals Artist for Adidas House Party, Timberlux Centre, Singapore


  • CHARITY GROUP SHOW YOLO (You Only Live Once) Exhibition, The Arts House, Singapore

  • SOLO SHOWCASE Adiartist for Adidas Originals, Exhibition and Live Painting Showcase, Raffles City, Singapore


Yok started his droopy eyed drawings in a salty sea shack down under in a town called Perth.Where he developed a passion for loopy moustaches, seaworthy beards and an an obsession with gargoyles. Loving the basic idea of Gargoyles- being placed on buildings to ward off evil, he adapted this thought and reinterpreted them in his own style to be painted on walls around the world.
Currently Yok works from a home studio with Sheryo in Brooklyn, New York and is open for
collaborations, commissions and cases of beer.

He has exhibited in Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Taipei, Beijing,
Singapore Bangkok and Hong Kong, As well as unofficial murals in weird parts of the world that usually involve surf.


13/14 Krause Gallery , New York, “Yellow Fever” x Nasty Goreng

13 Anonymous Festival, Sayulita, Mexico
Mural painting

12 WONDER WALLS, Festival, Woolonggong (Australia )
Creative talk and mural painting.

12 Enter the Prism
Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, National mural painting tour.
With Sheryo

12 Half Half, Melbourne, No Vacancy Gallery
Group show.

12 Corpse Corps, Signal Gallery, NYC
Halloween Group Show

12 WIP Night club, NYC

12 Hendershot Gallery, NYC
Group print show. Mural painting.

12 Crest Art Show, Brooklyn
Group Show

Traveling Group Show, Portland, San Francisco, LA, (LeBasse Projects) Seatle, San Diego,

12 Born Free, Think Space Gallery, (LA)
Group Show

12 Young New Yorkers, Charity event, NYC
Group Show

12 Picks of the Harvest, Think Space Gallery, (LA)
Group Show

12 French, (New Zealand)
Group Show

11 Little lotus Project, volunteer art teaching and mural painting project, Thailand.

11 OUTPOST festival, Cockatoo island (Sydney)
Group show

11 Tiger Translate, (Beijing)
Live Painting event with JABA ONE

11 Out and About Festival, (Sydney)
Large scale mural painting over 5 days.

11 Space Invaders,National Gallery of Australia (Canberra)
Group show with Anthony Lister, Reka, Ha Ha, Meggs and more

11 UQ Art Museum, University of Queensland (Brisbane)
Group Show

11 RMIT Gallery, RMIT University (Melbourne)
Group Show

11 Western Plains Cultural Centre (Dubbo)
Group Show

10 Pachinko, Little Creatures Gallery (Perth)
Solo Show

10 Mixed Business, Part of Semi Permanent Event, (Sydney)
Ambush Gallery, Group Show

09 Beastman,Numskull, Phibs, The Yok, (Sydney)
Ambush Gallery, Group Show

09 Such is Life (Melbourne)
Greenwood Gallery, joint show with Reka

08 Good Times Roll (Perth)
Solo show at Bread Box Gallery

08 Bangkok Street Connection (Bangkok)
Group Show with, Brooke Bobridge, AMP, Bon and Alex Face

07 NO COMPLY (Melbourne)
Skateboard exhibition at Federation Square, Group Show

06 Kingbrown Magazine Launch 2 (Melbourne)
Group Show

06 Spring Street (NYC)
Wooster collectrive show at an abandoned building in New York.
Group Show

With: Draawer

06 PLASTIC PIMPS (Melbourne)
Qee custom toy show, Group Show

06 Kingbrown Magazine Launch (Perth)
Group Show

06 TREXI TOY SHOW (New York)
Custom toy show, Group Show

06 DESIGN EDGE (Singapore)
Event painting.
Speakers: Rostar, Delta,
Unkle, Faile, Kostas & many more

06 NO COMPLY (Melbourne)
Skateboard exhibition, at Revolver
With: Reka, Lord Monkey, Phibs,
Bosai, Sync, Kab, Kano and more.

05 SNEAKER PIMPS (Hong Kong)
Custom shoe exhibition. Group Show

05 PUNK YOK SHOW (Melbourne)
Solo show, Rancho Notorious,

05 IDN GALLERY (Hong Kong)
Royal Elastics Show,
With: BOB, Mophisto Jones (New Zealand),

05 FREE ART (Taipei)
Royal Elastics Art Centre,
With: BOB, Mophisto Jones (New Zealand),

05 AIR Dykanyama (Tokyo)
Solo Show

04 WINGS (Toronto)
Group show

Charcter design exhibition, Group Show

China Heights Gallery,
With: CryBloxsome.com

03 THE 2 BUCK SHOP (Sydney)
Our Spot. With: Victim (Perth)

With: Dmote (Sydney),
Victim(Perth) and Made(Perth)

02 STICK EM UP (Melbourne)
Sticker exhibition at Revolver

(New York/Berlin)
With: Swoon (New York)




benjamin@krausegallery.com         Wed - Sun: 12 - 6pm

149 Orchard St South, NY, NY 10002