Peter Combe

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18x23" framed with optimum non glare glass Eraser sized paint swatch cut outs $2200

"Untitled" detail

"Untitled" detail

NOVA - (L+R 45˚)

NOVA - (L+R 45˚)

18x18" Mixed media (household paint swatches) - in a custom frame with musuem quality optimum non-glare plexiglas - $old

Peter Combe "Eyes" in situ

Peter Combe "Eyes" in situ




"Gandhi (old)"

"Gandhi (old)"

Mixed media (household paint swatches) 40x40x2" $inquire Framed with museum quality non-glare glass Sold



Mixed media (household paint swatches) 40x40x2" $20,500 Framed with museum quality non-glare glass



"Rarity Bo (Hephaestus)"

"Rarity Bo (Hephaestus)"

Mixed media (household paint swatches) inquire

"Rarity OPLH2 Red Velvet"

"Rarity OPLH2 Red Velvet"

42x42" Mixed media (household paint swatches) $inquire- Framed with museum quality non-glare glass


I am consumed by the subtle magic that occurs when playing with light, color and movement in my art making. Whether punched or shredded, I appropriate household paint swatches and make mostly 3 dimensional

artworks. These artworks transform and change subtly as the viewer shifts from his/her vantage point. There is a magic that occurs, a trick of the eye where color seems to occupy space - a void - at once ethereal, yet seen from another angle the whole appears as if a ghostly image, veiled in


The artworks are many layered and full of experimentation, sometimes subtle and at other times less so. I enjoy the science of color, how the implementation of a single color, when applied to a small incremental tonal range, can transform a work either subtly or substantially. Oftentimes I repeat an image, yet each permutation is unique. I will rework the image multiple times working through different color designations. Often this effect alters the subsequent works in subtle ways while in others the

change appears dramatic.

I draw from a full spectrum of 1,100 colors. I work tonally - each of the single color placements are based on tone rather than hue. This mode of placement achieves a Pissaro-esque pointillist finish. I will come back to the work and focus on achieving monochromatic elements - designating variations of a single hue to a desired area - not dissimilar to Andy Warhol's screen prints of celebrities - the way he designated nonrepresentational monochromatic areas of hue, and how they change form one variation of the same portrait to the next.

Another element to the work is the constant change and flux that is mostly produced by the viewers changing vantage points, an effect that is difficult to imagine whilst not being present before the work. These artworks do not photograph well. It is impossible to capture the kinetic element - an element whereby the viewer's motion or movement dictates the artworks transformative component.

A single light source projected at the color side of the discs produces a magical result especially when viewed directly before the work. It is almost as if tiny LED lights shine between and bounce off the backsides (text side) of the paper discs. If lit by natural light, these artworks change throughout

the day. While working on these pieces, my favorite time of the day is the gloaming - it is at that time that the colors seem to come alive subtly yet rather dramatically at the same time - it becomes a still point for me as an artist.

It is these characteristics that propel me forward, to continue experimenting with the interplay of light, movement and color.

Selected Exhibitions:

2018, PIXEL POP ART, Jaffa Museum, Jaffa, Israel

2018, VELOUX/COMBE, Krause Gallery, New York, NY.

2018, ISLAND CONTEMPORARY IV, The Captiva Fondation,  FL

2018, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, Gallery 524, New York, NY.

2018, GROUP 2018, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

2018, EMERGING TO ESTABLISHED, Krause Gallery, New York, NY.

2018, POST-WAR MEETS TODAY, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami

2017, SUMMER GROUP SHOW, Krause Gallery, New York, NY.

2017, TIME & PLACE, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami, FL.

2017, WINTER GROUP SHOW, Krause Gallery, New York, NY.

2016, PETER COMBE, STARS & STRIPES, Andrea Schwartz Gallery,


SUMMER CONTEMPORARY, Rarity, Mykonos, Greece



Gallery, New York,  Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco,

CA 2014, PLAY, Galerie C.O.A., Montréal, QC, Canada.2014, ART

PERSPECTIVES, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami, FL.2014, COMPLIMENTARY

COLOR, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

2014, PETER COMBE & EDWARD LENTSCH, Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA.2014,


Billboard, Monnaie de Paris, Paris, France.

2014, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York, NY.

2013, Drugstore Beetle (Sitodrepa Paniceum) II, California State

University, Special Collections Library, Long Beach, CA.

2012, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, Sikkema Jenkins & Co Gallery, New York,

2011, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, Cheim & Read Gallery, New York, NY.


Billboard, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011, David Horvitz Satellite Exhibition, Arles, France.

2011, “THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG”, DIGITAL NATIVES, Electronic Billboard

Burrard Street Bridge, Vancouver Public Art Program, Vancouver, Canada.

2010/11,  PUNCHED & SHREDDED, Smith Andersen North, San Anselmo, CA.

2010, CALIFORNIA OPEN, TAG, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA., Curator:

Karen Moss, Director of Exhibitions, Orange County Museum of Art.

2010, TWITTER/ART+SOCIAL MEDIA, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

Curators: Dr. Maria Lantin, Director of the Intersections Digital Studios

Research Centre at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Hank Bull,

Exectutive Director at Centre A., Vancouver International Centre for

Contemporary Asian Art.

2009, 3rd COAST NATIONAL, Curated by Fairfax Dorn, Co-founder & Executive

Director Ballroom Marfa, Marfa TX., KSpace Contemporary, Corpus Christi,

2009, 4th NATIONAL JURIED EXHIBITION, Curated by Janet Bishop, Curator of

Painting & Sculpture at SFMoMA., Axis Gallery, Sacremento, CA.

2009, CALIFORNIA OPEN, Curated by Michael Zakian, Director of Frederick R.

Weisman Museum of Art, Pepperdine University, Malibu, TAG Gallery, Santa

Monica, CA.

2009, 24th TALLAHASSE INTERNATIONAL, Curated By Faculty, Museum of Fine

Art, Florida State University, FL.

2006, DRAPART, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Barcleona,


2005, ART+5, One Point Six Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

2005, KILLER, One Point Six Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. Artist talks:

April, 2015, Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver, Vancouver, British

Columbia, Canada

Art Fairs:

2018, Art Market San Francisco, K Imperial Gallery

2017, PALM BEACH MODERN + CONTEMPORARY, Robert Fontaine Gallery

2017, ART MIAMI, Andrea Schwartz Gallery

2017, ART Miami, Robert Fontaine Gallery

2017, ART NEW YORK, Andrea Schwartz Gallery

2017, ART PALM BEACH, Robert Fontaine Gallery

2017, ART WYNWOOD, Robert Fontaine Galleryg

2016, SOFA CHICAGO, Cordesa Fine Art

2016, CONTEXT ART MIAMI, Robert Fontaie Gallery2016, ART MIAMI, Andrea

Schwartz Gallery

2016, SCOPE BASEL, Robert Fontaine Gallery

2016, ART WYNWOOD, Robert Fontaine Gallery 2015, ART SILICON VALLEY,

Andrea Schwartz Gallery2015, X CONTEMPORARY, Robert Fontaine Gallery2015,

SCOPE ART FAIR, Robert Fontaine Gallery2015, ART MIAMI, Andrea Schwartz

Gallery2015, MIAMI PROJECT, Robert Fontaine Gallery2015, ART WYNWOOD,

Robert Fontaine Gallery2015, ART PALM BEACH, Robert Fontaine Gallery 2014,


SBArts2014, PHOTO L.A., Smith Andersen North Gallery

2013, PHOTO L.A., Smith Andersen North Gallery

2012, PHOTO L.A., Smith Andersen North Gallery

2011, PHOTO L.A., Smith Andersen North Gallery


Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, USA

Microsoft, Redmond, WA, USA

Laurence Hallier, Los Angeles, CEO and Founder Show MediaGroup

David Kensington, San Francisco, Principal, David Kensington & Associates

Yves Navarre (Estate), Paris (France), Author

David Nazarian, Los Angeles, CEO Nimes Capital & Angella Nazarian - Author

Sam Nazarian, Las Vegas, Founder and CEO, SBE Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest, Los Angeles, Entertainer

Mark Smucker, Ohio, J.M. Smucker Co.

Mark Vadon, Seattle, Board Member, The Home Depot IncChris Viehbacher,

Boston, CEO Sanofi


- The New Museum, New York, NY in 2010, Peter Combe Ode to NYC