Ceramic, glaze, luster, resin, cotton


10"x5"x22 inches


Title: Rest in Peace : Ah- Choo, Banjo, Binky, Bim-Bom, Big-Pants Smitty, Small-Pants Smitty, Bobo, Bongo, Boom Boom, Boxcar Benny, Bubbles, Buckets O’Hare, Butterball, Candy Mandy, Captain, Chippy. Choo Choo, Chubby Jim, Chuckles, Chuckles Jr., Cookie Mcfats, Crackers, Daffy the Dancing Mime, Dimples, Doink, Doodles, Droopy. Dr. Tickles, Dumpty, Fat Jim, Freckles, Frenchy, Gary “Seltzer” Pippin, Giggles, Jugglin’ Jimmy Jr., JoJo, Lala, Lieutenant Laughs, Meatball Marcus the Cat Wrangler, Mr. Noodle, Mr. Pickles, Ms. Wiggles, Nippy “Small Feet” Foster, Peanut, Patches, Pippo the Amazing, Pinky, Pogo, Pockets, Poodles, Popcorn, Professor Applesauce, Puddles, Rainbow Randy, Rowdy, Red-Nose Charlie, Rex “Tiny Car” Burns, Ruffles, Skinny Peter the Scarf Eater, Skippy, Sleepy Steve, Smiles “The Saddest Clown”, Tippy “Balloon-Popper” Johnson, Tipsy Tim-Tim, Toodles, Topsy, Unicycle Greg, Uncle Bobbo, Velvet Slim, Wet-Britches Anderson, Wiltee Flowers, Winky the Blind, Zippy, Wobbles and Zig and Zag the Wonder Twins.

Andy Adamson - "Rest In Peace" (An homage to clowns)


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