16x20” fine art print on Epson Hot Press Bright paper

11x17" image with 1” white border

Hand Signed, titled and numbered

Limited edition of 50 

10% goes to charity

Fun Facts:
The Big Lebowski

The address is from the old Hollywood Lanes, which has since been torn down and replaced with an elementary school;The phone number is to Hollywood Bowl, a bowling alley in the Vallery nearby;The date is the release date of the movie;The movie's length is 1:59;Gary is the bartender's name in the movie (Fucking Gary);Lebowski shows his Ralph's card in the supermarket scene, so thought that would be fun to use as his method of paymentIt's declined because The bums will always lose!!!;In one of the bar scenes, you can see Lebwoski with a White Russian (of course), Donnie with an Orange Slice and Walter with an MGD and a pack of Marlboro Reds. This is what served as the basis for the receipt. I took some creative license and presumed they all had multiple beverages;The strike (x) and spare (/) symbols throughout the receipt

Jason Brueck - "Big Lebowski receipt"