Mat 11 x 14 inches (Receipt) Size 3.75 x 9.25 inches
Archival digital print mounted on Mat board - signed and numbered - limited edition of 250
10% goes to meals on wheels to help feed the elderly

Fun Facts:
The Shining

Address and phone number are from The Stanley Hotel (still active) which served as Stephen King's inspiration when writing the book;The movie's length is 2:26;The receipt date is the release date of the movie;In the book, the reference the bar scene as having taken place sometime in the morning (I picked a random time of 8:19 am)Lloyd is the (ghost) bartender at the hotel;Room 237 is the mythical room that is alluded to time and again throughout the movie. It's where Ms. Massey killed herself in the bathtub. A documentary was made by the same name;In the book, Jack Torrance drinks 4 gin martinis. In the movie, he drinks/asks for two bourbons (Side Note: the bottle used was actually Jack Daniels whiskey);Lloyd refuses his money in both the book and the movie, hence the comped bar tab;All Work and No Play is the singular line repeated over hundreds of pages that Jack has typed throughout their stay... I thought it appropriate to incorporate into the bottom of the receipt.

Jason Brueck - "The Shining receipt"