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Silkscreen Print on archival paper with deckled edges

23 x 23 inches - 58 x 58 cm

ed 75 - (Only 7 left)


Behind the print image:

Getting Uppers plays on the expression ‘Getting up ‘ often used by graffiti artist when about to paint.

The idea of putting graffiti caps in a medical jar came up from the addiction that people have from different prescription pills, called Uppers or downers. I joined the two terms and decided to fill the jar with the caps to portray the addiction element of graffiti.

The buzz, the adrenaline you feel as you paint. The heightened awareness of in your mind. The obsession of completing a piece even if means you are in danger of being caught. Graffiti is the only buzz I need.


Nick Walker - "Getting Uppers"

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