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Revolue Statement and CV


Papi chulo statement:

To create those pieces, I focused on the intuitive process and ideas about our lifestyle and behavior behind your faces. Together with PAPI CHULO subject which we tried to create a “mask” that could represent any of us into the art world.


I created after party based on what people would think about it. When u going to an after party normally people are always happy, always trying to enjoy most the moment and keep the atmpshere as much as possible even they looks like a little “different”


“Leve” means LIGHT in portuguese. The process to create that was really free of any specific technique. I just put my behavior on the canvas by doing strong movements. That strongs movements that I felt so light while doing it. While I was painting this word L E V E just came into my mind and its definetly make all the sense while painting it. Its also a representation of a face and the ideas that we have behind it.


“Your face is out of date” is kind a way to “play a little bit” into the fashion world. Some people always looking to find the right “face” or the right look to keep it fashion but sometimes it goes more than expected so, it became something completly different from what expected in life.


All the works were created with mixed media and specially with a handmade oilbar created by myself. It’s also part of the creative process during the paintings 


Grew up in the middle of inks, papers, pens and many scribbles on his house walls.

Adept of a minimalist lifestyle, the artist carries more than 13 years of experience in research and artistic development.

From urban art to contemporary studies, looking for not settling on one style, prefers to keep open to the experiment. In baggage, always the underground reference and the concept of “luxury from the rubbish” to add to his remarks, which also involves the chaotic human behavior.

Part of a “intuitive – expressive” creative process and reaching the image of a face, for him, everything is represented in our face -It’s the only thing that shows our personality, experiences and true feelings.



“Papi Chulo” – Krause Gallery 2018
"Too much info" - Blank Space - 2017
“Caos on Canvas” - MIS - Meuseu da Imagem e do Som - 2016
“Caos on Canvas” - Embaixada Brasileira - Los Angeles - 2016
“Caos on Canvas” - Hotel Unique SP - 2016
“Orgânico” - Luis Maluf Art Gallery - 2016
“Entre Nós” – Luis Maluf Art Gallery – 2016
“Notoxic Experience” - Dô Jardins - 2015
HC Wynwood Colective – 2014 / 2015
“Recilanco com arte” – Luis Maluf Art Gallery – 2014
Rogue – Art’n’Fish (Shapes) – 2014
“Opening” – Luis Maluf Art Gallery – 2014
“Movimento” – New Creators – 2014
“Foco” – Absolut Inn – 2014
“Composto” – Verve Galeria – 2014
“Housin” – Subpub – 2013
“Inner Cultural” – Sarajevo – 2013
“Resistência Urbana” – FatCap Galeria – 2012
“Let’s Revolue” – SoulTattoo – 2012
“Revolue O’Year” – Kabul – 2010
“Don’t Panic” – Tag & Juice – 2010
“C4LMA” – SP – 2010
“ Stand Out” - London - 2009
“Not for S.A.L.E” – Galpão – 2009
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