Thirsty Bstrd

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Thirsty Bstrd is a french visual artist from Paris, using spray paint, stencils, stickers and videos. His work mainly consists in making satirical comments about society, politics and consumerism, by « using powerful symbols and popular images and making them look funny or weird. The purpose being to provoke and generate an emotion.»
For a few years, he was the artistic director of his own creative agency based in Paris. In addition to his inventive works for companies, he worked as a curator and organiser of urban art exhibitions in Paris and Los Angeles, showing his own art at every opportunity.
His work features in solo and group shows and numerous collections in Paris, UK, Singapore and USA. His artworks, from stencils to stickers, can be seen by a worldwide audience in the streets.


Mostly composed of eye-catching images and provocative statements Thirsty Bstrd’s magnetic art pieces often act as clever satirical commentaries about social and political issues and consumerist culture. By merging ingenious statements with paradoxical images, Thirsty Bstrd creates artworks that are truly fascinating and thought-provoking.         Wed - Sun: 12 - 6pm

149 Orchard St South, NY, NY 10002